Without the dedication to hard work, quality, and superior craftsmanship, Covington would not be the company it is today. Every area of the manufacturing process is represented by caring individuals that know their craft better than anybody else. Look at the inside of a casket and see the delicate and detailed work of our finish and sewing departments. Look beyond the outside beauty of our caskets and you’ll find the sturdy and rugged frame welded and finished by our metals department. Each casket is thoroughly inspected and examined before it leaves our manufacturing facility and is shipped to funeral homes across the south. If something isn’t done right we fix it before it becomes an issue with our customers. That’s just good business!


It is difficult to imagine all the detailed work that goes into building a Covington casket. From the initial construction of the framework to our final finish, our employees take great pride in their trade. Even our shipping crates are custom made in our wood shop.


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