Covington Casket Company is located in Andalusia, Alabama and has been manufacturing quality caskets since 1924. The company. owned and operated by brothers Eddie and Alan Williamson specialize in custom built caskets ranging from hardwoods to durable metals. Our hardwood caskets are manufactured in mahogany, cherry, pecan, cedar, oak, poplar, and pine and are unparalleled in their beauty and craftsmanship. Our metal line of caskets feature stainless steel, copper, 18 gauge and 20 gauge and are manufactured to our customers exact specifications in our manufacturing facility. Since everything is built at our factory we control the quality of our product from start to finish ensuring you the most beautiful, high quality casket available on the market.


Covington’s employees have hundreds of years of combined experience in casket manufacturing. Most of our employees have been with Covington for over 10 years. Several have been with us for over 25 years. Basically we are a family and we like to treat our customers the same way. Covington caskets are shipped direct from our corporate headquarters or from select distributors in the Southeast. We serve over 300 funeral homes in the Southeastern United States with warehouses in Mississippi and Georgia.


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